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Nexus Guides

Choose from the following guides to learn how to incorporate BootStrap features into Mediawiki articles.

If a feature isn't listed, ask at the forums.

Guide Title Guide Link
Alerts BootStrap Alerts
Alpha Nav Tabs Alphabetic NavTabs
Buttons BootStrap Buttons
Carousel Carousel
Colour Classes BootStrap Colour Classes
Columns Columns
Drop Down Navigation Drop Down Nav
Icons Icons Sets
Image Boxes BootStrap Image Boxes
Image Popups Image Popups
Info Boxes Horizontal Info Boxes
Jumbotron BootStrap JumboTron
Lightbox with Modals Lightbox
Modals BootStrap Modals
Nav Bar BootStrap Nav Bar
Nav Tabs Nav Tabs
Pagination BootStrap Pagination
Panels BootStrap Panels
Pills BootStrap Pill Nav
Plugin - Twitter Feed Twitter Timeline Plugin
Plugin - YouTube Youtube Video
Plugin - Social Sharing Social Sharing
Plugin - Facebook Comments Facebook Comments
Popovers Bootstrap Popovers
Price Tables Price Tables
Responsive Tables Responsive Tables
Scrolling Window Windows
Thumbnails Thumbnails
Tool Tips BootStrap Tool Tips
Typography Typography
Wells BootStrap Wells

Looking for more?

Try the extensions page which lists extensions, templates, optional styling features and guides.