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Nexus Extensions

The following extensions are included with Bootstrapskin, available in the members area.

Extensions Extension Link
Bootstrapskin Youtube Youtube Extension
Bootstrapskin Maps Google Maps
Bootstrapskin Social Social Sharing
Bootstrapskin News News Ticker
Bootstrapskin Tweet Twitter Feed
Bootstrapskin Slideshow Carousel
Bootstrapskin TTT To the Top
Bootstrapskin Contact Contact Extension
Special Custom Custom Extension
Sticky Sidebar Sidebar Extension
Advanced Sidebar AvSidebar
ProFonts Extension ProFonts

A selection of pre-made page layouts to copy and paste into your wiki pages.

Layout name Layout link
News Layout Bootstrapskin News
About Layout Bootstrapskin About
Detail Layout Bootstrapskin Detail
Sidebar Layout Bootstrapskin Sidebar
Pill Nav with panel sidebar Pill Sidebar
Multi content layout Tabbed Content Layout

A selection of optional css based component that add a little extra style to your pages.

Optional name Optional link
Event List Bootstrapskin Events
Highlighted Comments Bootstrapskin Highlight
Hollow Buttons Hollow Buttons

A small selection of essential reading guides, that include help with Medaiwiki marketing, common requested fixes and how to add advanced features.

Guide name Guide link
Fixing Duplicate content Duplicate Content
Fixing Medaiwiki selflink Medaiwiki Selflink
Add commenting system Commenting
Add ecommerce! eCommerce
Force SSL url Force SSL
Cookie compliancy Mediawiki cookie compliancy