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AvSidebar Component

AvSidebar is our latest component, created for our hosted document system, and now included with the two best selling skins, Bootstrapskin and Nexus.

AvSidebar provides a stylish jquery menu above the wiki content, and when clicked displays menu items contained in the Mediawiki Sidebar.

Add items to the menu by visiting Mediawiki:Sidebar on your wiki, adding content thus;

* navigation
** BootStrap_Alerts|Alerts
** BootStrap_Buttons|Buttons
** Carousel|Carousel
** https://store.anthom.co/cart.php?gid=1|!Download!
** Bootstrapskin_Extensions|Extensions
** Columns|Grid
** Bootstrapskin_Guides|Guides
** Icons_Sets|Icons
** BootStrap_Image_Boxes|Image Boxes
** BootStrap_Modals|Modals
** BootStrap_Nav_Bar|Nav Bar
** BootStrap_Pagination|Pagination
** BootStrap_Panels|Panels
** BootStrap_Pill_Nav|Pill Nav
** Dismissable_Portlets|Portlets
** BootStrap_Tool_Tips|Tool Tips
** Typography|Typography
** BootStrap_Wells|Wells

View our sidebar here.